JED 104 


A firm fixture in the UK Hip Hop community for over 10 years, Jed 104 now plays as an open format DJ across the globe. Perhaps most known for running a string of successful club nights in the early 00's he's a veteran DJ with a variety of experience and wide music knowledge, having played across the globe at underground parties, high profile nightclubs, private events, festivals, and he has also produced his own remixes. 

Following on from his love of hip hop he developed a broad taste for all good music by studying the samples producers used and delving into new genres finding his own sound in the process. His sets can contain elements of everything from Reggae, Soul and Disco to Funk and House music, always picking the right record for the moment building the energy and taking the crowd on a journey from start to finish. He also plays finely crafted lounge sets, setting the mood for poolside sessions and rooftop bars with future beats, disco edits, and downtempo grooves.

In recent years Jed 104 joined up with London's 'Droppin' Science' collective, a group of like minded DJ's well known for their popular mixtape series and club nights and they setup London's first ever dedicated Video DJ night - "90's TV raps".


Past Ventures


Jed has rocked the party with/for the following people and more:


Snoop Dogg (Europe Tour)

Jazzy Jeff


Michael Kors

Cirque Du Soul

Bungalow 8

Century (London)

Beverley Knight

Keira Knightley

Margot Robbie

The Rum Kitchen

The Roof Gardens (Kensington)

Fulham Football Club

Gumball 3000


Fast n Furious (DVD launch)

The Noisettes

Church (Leeds)

Primal Sound

Vibe Bar

Ministry of Sound


Mortons Club

1/5 (Hong Kong)

C Club (Hong Kong)

Ing (Hong Kong)

Exit (Lithuania)

Kiss (Lithuania)


The Mayfair Hotel

The Rockwell

Trafalgar Rooftop Bar (Vista)


The Reflex

The Apples


The Orb


The Biltmore

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